Bone Grafting

What’s involved in bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that implants a material into an area missing bone. That material will promote bone regeneration and result in new bone in the area that was once missing bone.

GBR is a procedure where a membrane is placed over the bone graft material. This membrane provides for an environment that is conductive to bone regeneration.

The recent advances seen in medicine and dentistry are making procedures once thought impossible to be common place. This is especially true in dentistry. There has been tremendous growth in the areas of dental implants and jaw reconstruction . Grafting and guided bone regeneration (GBR) are two of the procedures used to repair and grow new bone in the jaws and around teeth.


Why are Bone Grafts and GBR needed?
These procedures are used when bone needs to be replaced. Areas that need bone replaced are called either bony defects or osseous defects. Examples of defects that can occur in the jaws are: defects around teeth (periodontal defects): defects following tooth extraction :defects from trauma: defects around dental implants: general loss of bone due to long-term tooth loss.


Are there different types of bone grafts and GBR membranes?
Yes, some grafts are taken from the patient’s own hip or chin. Other grafts come from  synthetic materials. There are also several types of  membranes.


Significant advances  in bone grafting techniques have been developed recently. These not only enhance the aesthetic result but can also improve the long term stability of teeth and implants.


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