Mint Clinic Facilities

Mint Clinic has invested in tried, tested and truly trusted systems to ensure the safety of both patients and staff. Our treatment center consists of a number of state-of-the-art elements and hygiene including:

  • The Kavo Primus 1058 offers ergonomically designed features for the dentist and patient and a host of other specialised functions. Patients can rest assured in the knowledge that they will be very comfortable. It also features a state of the art water block system which provides intensive disinfection of microorganisms.
  • The Kodak 2200 system is designed for performance and safety, generating up to 30% less radiation and conventional x-ray generators.
  • The Piezolx 30 – extremely low weight, high frequency hand piece with unheard of quietness. An oscillation frequency of approximately 30KHz.
  • Brand new C.S.S.D. including melag 31B, ultrasonic bath and centralised extractor fans.
  • Live video feed back for patients.