Implant Systems

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Implant systems

There are more than 600 different implant systems in the world at present. Many do not have an extensive track record. We have worked with Straumann, Ankylos, Bicon, Nobel Biocare and Southern Implants in the past.

At Mint Clinic we currently use the following two:
• 3I biomet
• Neoss

Worldwide depending on what research you look at the failure rate is 2-8%. My failure rate to date is 2% and these were interestingly in adults with no risk factors. Very successful but more recently there are questions on long-term outcomes. Some authors for eg. Roos/Jansacker 07 suggest an incidence of Perimucosistis as high as 40%. Comparing these studies are difficult as authors use different parameters to measure disease activity. Maintenance will inevitably be a significant issue in the future.