Periodontal Disease -What your patient’s need to know

Written by Richard Lee Kin on . Posted in Blog

Are your gums killing you?

Yes, emotive but is it something you ask your patients. At present only associations have been recorded but you could be missing a significant opportunity if you are not bringing this to your patient’s attention. Conclusive evidence is awaited but we should be constantly emphasising the benefits of a healthy mouth.It is also important to note that some of this research is carried out closer to home. Dr. Steven Kerrigan in RCSI in 2012 discovered that a large protein on the common mouth bacterium helps to make blood platelets sticky. These resultant clots could potentially block the blood supply to your heart or brain tissue. There are also many other effects for eg. in pregnancy. We recently had a small article in the Irish Independent published on the importance of expecting mothers visiting their dentist. Never underestimate the lack of time postpartum, it can be overwhelming to mothers when time is in a short supply.